Legal Compliances and Payroll

As a prominent third-party payroll service provider, Exokos has managed the payroll processes for diverse clients of various sizes and niches and simultaneously has evolved its system to the utmost level of perfection. Therefore, with our innovative and scalable system the Payroll Operations can be handled with epic efficiency and effectiveness.

With the help of a dedicated team, Exokos Solutions ,takes care of all statutory compliances that your business should be compliant to. In cases of any change in the laws, the team proactively acts to ensure that your business is also compliant with the new law.

Payroll Service Provider
  • Attendance and time keeping
  • Salary calculation
  • Overtime
  • Incentive
  • Provident fund & Employee state insurance calculation
  • Gratuity, bonus, Maternity and many other aspects will be taken care.